Happy Birthday Poems for Sisters

Happy Birthday Poems for Sisters:- Wish your sweet sister on her Birthday with a sweet and nice poem.  The love of a sister is always irreplaceable and you will only realize the value of this love when you and your sister start living apart. Celebrate this occasion with her to make it one of the un-forgetable moments of your lives. Your sister and you may fight all the year round but it can’t stop you from doing everything you can do to make your sister’s birthday extra special. Take idea from this post like, birthday poems for sister, birthday poems for sister in law, happy birthday poems for sister, birthday poems for my sister, birthday poems for sister from brother and wish her by posting them on Facebook or status update, tweet her or send it to your sister by writing it on a greeting card.




Today is the birthday,

of my sister and friend.

My love and my wishes,

I’m hoping to send.

She’s a beautiful person,

which is obviously clear.

I’d just like to wish her,

another great year.

Looking back at the times,

together we’ve spent.

So much to my soul,

they truly have meant.

I know that her birthday,

shall bring many close.

She attracts happy smiles,

just like a rose.

Today is her birthday,

and she is my gift.

Whenever I see her,

my spirit shall lift.

These words give no justice,

when I try to express,

that place in my heart,

for her I possess.


Even though

We always fight

Most of the times

You are right

Even though

We always argue

Most of the times

I am at fault and not you

Happy birthday sis

Together, we look at the stars in the sky

Together, we look at the stars in the sky


Happy birthday,

sweet sister of mine.

Whenever I see you,

my heart seems to shine.

You’re a truly wonderful,

sweet sister and friend.

birthday hugs and kisses,

I’d like to extend.

Happy birthday,

sweet sister of mine.

It brings me joy,

when we just spend time.

I’m eternally grateful,

you’ve always been there.

Through your actions and words,

you show that you care.

Happy birthday,

sweet sister of mine.

Life with you,

is exceptionally fine.

I hope you enjoy,

another great year.

I promise my love,

shall always be near.


Together, we share a room

Together, we let gossip bloom

Together, we look at the stars in the sky

Together, we laugh and cry

Together, we study and play

Together, let’s celebrate your birthday

We always argue most of the times

We always argue most of the times


You are my sunshine

You are my shadow

You know whenever

I am in sorrow

You are my star

You are my rainbow

I will never stop loving you

Not today, never tomorrow

Happy birthday sis

I will never stop loving you

I will never stop loving you


You are my sister,

and we share a true bond.

It’s magically special,

like those stars way beyond.

I’m excited to celebrate,

since today is your day.

So many kind things,

I’m hoping to say.

It seems like our true bond,

has naturally grown.

Just like our long talks,

that we share on the phone.

Your success and happiness,

warms my mind and my soul.

To bring you joy on your birthday,

is my number one goal.

I know that our true bond,

shall only expand.

Since you are my sister,

and “We” is our brand.


You have always been

My inspiration

Don’t ever stop giving me

A daily dose of motivation

I fall flat on my face

When I try to be like you

Maybe I should realize

Cool cats like you are few

Happy birthday sis

You have always been my inspiration

You have always been my inspiration


A piece of my heart

A part of my family

A portion of my life

A slice of me

You have always been sis

And you will always be

I wish you a happy birthday

I love you sweetie

9)We may be sisters by birth

But we are friends by heart

We may be family by default

But we have been bffs from the start

We may be siblings, without choice

But we chose to be much more

Wish you a happy birthday sis

I love you from the core



Dear sister…

It is hard to say how much I love you

You might not believe it especially since I fight with you

But no matter how much we quarrel, I still adore you

Even when we don’t speak to each other, I like you

For a lot of good things in my life

I am grateful to you

I hope one day you can see through into my heart

And realize how much I am fond of you

Happy birthday


Dear sister…

A like on Facebook

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A pin on Pinterest

A share on Flickr

A sweet greeting card

A cute note

A funny speech

A heartfelt quote

All this and a lot more

Is what I will do

To wish a very

Happy birthday to you


A sister’s love

Is very funny

Sometimes it is

Sweet as honey

Sometimes it is

Bitter and sour

But it always has

A lot of power

Happy birthday

A lot of power happy birthday

A lot of power happy birthday