Congratulations for new baby boy: Poems for newborn baby boy

Congratulations for new baby boy:- Write a sweet poem on a beautiful card to send your best wishes to a couple for the birth of their baby boy. Since it is a boy, make sure your greeting has a splash of blue. Take the ideas from our post to send them your best wishes. If the husband-wife couple are your close friends or colleagues or your family members, mark the whole first week of their parenthood with cute text messages, delightful emails, Snapchat messages and warm posts on Facebook. Becoming a mother and a father is a beautiful moment that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives. Your wishes will go in a long way in taking their happiness to a whole new ecstatic level.


How do you expect me to stop giggling



With generous parents like you

Your baby is going to have toys new

He has entered this world, being one of the lucky few

To have a mom and dad, so loving and true

Your newborn couldn’t have had a life more secure

You both are the best mom and dad ever, I am sure

With the birth of your baby, I hope that your joys quadruple

Congratulations to the happy couple




As parents, so delighted you both must be

To be blessed with a baby boy so cute

In saying that he is the most adorable infant ever

There is really no dispute

But as you prepare yourselves to be the best

Mommy and daddy on the earth

Here’s my two cents

For what they are worth

Always remember that a parent’s love

Is all about sacrifice, tough love and hard decisions

No matter how hard it seems right now

It will lay in your child’s life, a good foundation




The birth of your child

Marks the beginning of a journey wild

You will learn a lot of new things

As you realize that your child is the home’s new king

You will be doing exactly what he says

Whether it is night or day

But these troubles are a small part of the joy

Of being the parents of an adorable baby boy





The sheer cuteness of your little one’s giggles

The intense warmth of cradling him in my arms

The utter sweetness of his mumbles

The heart-warming effect of his innocent charms

All these things make me go weak at the knees

I can only imagine how happy you both must be

Have fun, treasure each and every moment

Congratulations for starting your very own family




 As you cradle your newborn in your arms




All the morning sickness and the uneasiness

Will be totally worth it

The moment your newborn grabs your finger

You will succumb to his cuteness bit by bit

All the anxiety of the wait and anticipation

Will lead to smiles and happiness endless

Savor these moments of becoming parents

To a baby boy whose giggle is oh so priceless





Brace yourself for an exciting journey ahead

Your son has been born in a very interest age

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google

There will be twists, at life’s every page

You will have to find new ways

To be the ideal mommy and daddy

You will have to keep up with the changing time

If you want your son to respect you dearly

Good luck for this challenging new phase

Happy parents, I am sure you will be

A fine young man, definitely your son will become

A wonderful family, is written in your destiny





Acknowledge how lucky, as parents you are

Smile, as you gaze into your newborn’s eyes

Soak in the joy of having a baby boy

Appreciate your life’s biggest prize

Bask in the warm hues of your infant’s cuteness

Cherish each and every beautiful moment

Enjoy this surreal phase of your lives

Your bundle of joy is truly God-sent





The journey of parenthood is priceless

It is not all about laughs and happiness

It won’t be fun and games all the time

Sometimes it will be bitter-sweet like lime

But it will be a life-changing experience

Enchanting, will be its brilliance

Loving parents, now you have become

Your smiles, are just the beginning of things to come






new baby born

new baby born



Giving you a baby boy was God’s way to say

That as a father, He wants you to pass on all your traits

Nowhere else in the whole would

Would the toddler have found a father so great

Relish every moment of being a dotting dad

Soon enough, your little one will call you daddy

The sweetest memories will be made

In this beautiful and awesome journey





You both made a wonderful couple

Your life was nearly perfect

All that was left was a bundle of joy

Which you didn’t have until yet

But not that you have both become parents

Your lives have become the epitome

Of how the perfect couple can make a transition

Into becoming the cutest family





Your baby boy is cuter than the word cute

He is going to grow up to be a handsome hunk

In resisting his charms and good looks

All girls will hopelessly flunk

So be prepared to caution your toddler

As he grows up into a good looking teenager

About the perils of giving his heart away

As a parent, I am sure you will be his protector

But let me warn you, there is not much

You will possibly be able to do

After all, your adorable little one

Was born to good looking parents like you





Celebrating the birth of a baby boy so cute

Will be something elegantly grand

But the problem is that no one

Will be able to stop cuddling him in their hands

After all, his chubby cheeks and tiny fingers

Are utterly cute, it is impossible to let go

You are the luckiest parents in the world

Is what I wanted you to know





When you got married




 I don’t know how to describe

The most adorable sight of you three

I am talking about how

You have now become a family

Picture perfect, is what you are

Mommy, daddy and the little baby boy

Just watching you cuddle and giggle

Is one of life’s best joy

I could just sit for hours together

To see how you shower your toddler

With love, affection and care

Congratulations for getting your life’s treasure




May your baby boy have lots of toys

May he bring in your lives, tons of joy

Today, I am sure you are brimming with pride

For having an adorable baby by your side

May he be all wrapped up in clothes, comfy and blue

On the birth of your first new born, congratulations to you

Overcome with joy, your hearts are bound to glide

Get ready for life’s best and biggest ride




As you take your baby in your lap

To give him a warm wrap

And watch him take a nap

In a lovely smile, you will snap

As you sing your baby a lullaby

You will discover why

Having a baby is such a magical experience

It gives you happiness again and again, not just once





Words can never express adequately

The real joy of becoming a mother

There is no way to describe

This feeling, unlike any other

You have just experienced

The most magical moment of your life

The memory will be an anchor

Which will hold you together in strife

From two, you have become three

This is the beginning of yet another

Beautiful journey called parenthood

In pure blissfulness, prepare to be smothered





 A good looking couple you already are

Blessed with everything one could ask for

Now you have become parents to a son

To ask for, there is nothing more

Very few couples in the whole world

Are lucky enough to get life’s best

A beautiful daughter, you already had

But now you have reached parenthood’s crest





As your husband tries hard to sleep and snore

By the time you sleep it may be four

This is just the beginning, of chore after chore

Motherhood is not easy, it can make you sore

Life may seem like somewhat of a bore

I don’t want to scare you anymore

Hang in there, there are surprises in store

Your newborn will open up new doors

That will make your life happy from the core

Congratulations, may your happiness forever soar







I love the way your baby giggles

Crawls around and wriggles

I love the way your baby boos

His own toys to play, he wants to choose

I love the way your little one smiles

To melt my heart, it doesn’t even take a while

I love the way your baby holds your hand

Motherhood seems beautifully grand





The nine months of pregnancy just flew away

Now you have officially become a mommy

Who would have thought that so soon

You will be a part of a cute little family

Cheers to a joyous new start

Hurray for a little boy so adorable

Yahoo for life’s exciting new path

Applause for a family so special





 The birth of your child, a sweet baby boy

Is a wonderful new twist to your destiny

Your home has just got a cute new addition

Your lives will now be warm and lively

Your hearts will melt every time your toddler

Bursts into adorably sweet giggles

You will jump in anxiety every moment

You think your infant is in trouble

Wonderful parents, the both of you will make

Your boy will have a wonderful upbringing

Here’s to the newest family in town

Congratulations for the new beginning







 Little fingers and cute toes

Sleepy eyes and a chubby nose

A serene and angelic face

I cannot shower enough praise

A radiant smile and a bubbly face

Your little boy sure works his charming ways

He can melt away even the toughest of hearts

Your life has got such a beautiful new start





 Pregnancy, an epic ordeal may be over

But don’t think otherwise, the journey has just begun

From your own lives, the focus will now shift

The happiness of your toddler, will be priority number one

After all, you have become parents now

To reap the joys of parenthood, sacrifices must be made

Don’t worry if it all seems overwhelming right now

In the end you will create beautiful memories that will never fade





It is impossible to cuddle your baby boy

For any longer than a couple of minutes

His cuteness is so overwhelming

It makes me feel weak at the knees

The dreamy blue eyes, the adorable tiny toes

As parents, you have struck gold

Enjoy the lovely ride of raising your little one

Create memories which you will cherish when you’re old